Disaster Recovery Planning

eVolution provides for full Business Continuity
In the event of a damaging hurricane, such as Fabian, or a fire, flood or cyber terrorist attack, would you be able to access the information and data on which your business depends?

During Hurricane Fabian, which caused widespread damage across Bermuda in September 2003, eVolution was fully functional. That meant that anybody who still had power and phone lines, or who was working overseas at the time, could continue business as normal.

Why? because eVolution is housed in the world-class secure hosting facility operated by Cable and Wireless. So if you are looking for a primary business continuity or disaster recovery solutions, or already have one or the other in-place and are being driven by auditors to provision a contingency, eVolution is the way to go.

Taking the full eVolution Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Service, Professional consultants from eVolution’s parent company will happily provide a full BC and DRP for you based on the eVolution service.They will review your business requirements, key processes and discuss suitable options and approaches with members of your organization. Then they will perform a risk analysis and assess the potential impact of a disaster on your business.

From this they will provide you with a “Statement of Work” that defines the scope of your BCP, and define project deliverables, cost and overall timeline for the project.

All of the BCP and DRP options provide you with an effective, actionable plan containing the following key elements:

  1. Contingency backup location requirements
  2. Crisis Centre requirements
  3. Identification of continuity teams
  4. Definition of their roles and responsibilities
  5. Inventory lists
  6. Specific procedures for invoking your BCP:
    • Emergency notification
    • Enhancement of security measures
    • Damage assessment
    • Assembling the Crisis Centre
    • Crisis Public Relations and media liaison
    • The Recovery Process
  7. Post Mortem Procedures
  8. BCP/DRP simulations

At eVolution we offer BCP/DRPs in three formats:

1. Stand-alone Document
Your BCP will be delivered in a stand-alone “Word” document. Your firm will then become custodians of the BCP and be required to maintain it yourselves.

2. BCP Repository Database
This “out-of-the-box” database product provides your firm with the ability to maintain your BCP over a network and by more than one person simultaneously. Pre-configured database tables are updated with your information and “ticking” boxes selects templates, applicable to your recovery requirements. When this has been done your BCP is generated from the database as a “Word” document for hard-copy printing and filing off-site. We also provide installation and training in the use of this product.

3. Intranet
This, our most flexible offering, is delivered to your firm in the form of an “Intranet” (local to your office network) or, if preferred, as an addition to your existing Internet site. Your BCP can be made to look and feel like your company’s web site and can be accessed by company users from anywhere with an Internet connection and a browser.

A printer friendly option is available to enable you to print the BCP for storage off-site. We will ensure that your staff is fully trained in the use of the tools required to maintain your BCP on an ongoing basis.
All this and the comfort of knowing that your DRP solution is based on the eVolution platform, a robust, clustered Compaq server environment with all the latest anti-spam and anti-virus protection.
So, before disaster strikes, contact eVolution today

For more information on eVolution, please contact info@evolution.bm

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