eVolution – Needs Analysis

We ‘get’ that eVolution is not for everybody and as such our team will work with you throughout the decision making process to ensure that eVolution is right for you.

eVolution is part of Independent Consulting Solutions and we are known for our trust, our judgement and our independence. At all times we work with the customer’s best interests in mind.

We know how important ROI is for stability and growth in today’s fast-paced global marketplace. Providing a secure, fixed price computing environment, is just one part of an organization’s operational structure. Making sure that your applications and systems are leading edge is another consideration. With eVolution you will always be on the latest and greatest application.

Pinpointing your needs today, and understanding and anticipating your requirements for the future, form the bedrock of the eVolution offering. If you so choose, we will take a completely holistic approach to moving your business onto eVolution and our team can conduct a full needs-analysis and match specific applications core to your business with the eVolution platform via a process of dynamic testing.

In short, if you want the additional comfort of seeing on paper how eVolution will align with your business goals and objectives, then we will provide it for you.

For more information on eVolution, please contact info@evolution.bm

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