Our Vision

eVolution made perfect sense right from the start.

eVolution has been a natural extension to the core services provided by Independent Consulting Solutions (ICS) – expanding one of our overriding corporate goals to bring definable value in technical solutions to all our clients. In essence, eVolution is a simplified platform for every-day computing. It just works.

ICS itself was created to be a world-class Professional Services company offering business and technical solutions better than, and certainly equal to, the major consulting players around the globe – and all from our headquarters here in Bermuda.

eVolution plays directly to the inherent desire of our company’s team to do right by our customers. Trust, independence, building an exceptional knowledge base and remaining intellectually and commercially sharp are all prerequisites to being an ICS, and there, eVolution consultant.

At eVolution we have worked hard to create a business environment that attracts and retains a high level of expertise and experience and in support of eVolution’s goals, ICS’s aggressive training schedule ensures that technicians and consultants are continually at the leading edge of emerging technologies.

We spend a lot of time with CEOs and CIOs, helping them rationalize the business reasons for their technology plans. Because of our wide operational experience, we can suggest methods and techniques from other industries that can make a difference to customers in another field. eVolution is now a very attractive, cost-effective and viable option in that space.

The basis for the idea of eVolution is a very sound one. In short, we believe there’s a natural maturing of the market in Bermuda. Over recent years we’ve seen the focus shift towards application development and making technology do more. Ninety per cent of businesses are stuck in a maintenance mode where they can barely keep up with technology.

With eVolution we take away that pain. Being an eVolution customer moves you past the normal three-year plan for upgrades and all the maintenance problems go away. eVolution releases the power of the network and the individual to focus on core goals and objectives related to growing their business.

For more information on eVolution, please contact info@evolution.bm

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