eVolution Secure Facility

eVolution’s clustered Servers are housed within the new Cable and Wireless eBusiness Solutions Center (eBSC) state-of-the-art facility. This facility provides customers with the highest of technical standards.

Key Features of the eBSC are:

  • secure, resilient purpose built facility, designed to withstand 175 m.p.h. winds
  • located 220 ft. above sea level
  • sophisticated physical security systems
  • 24x7 secured access
  • CCTV
  • advanced smoke detection and fire suppression systems
  • fully redundant power
  • HVAC environmental control systems


Completed in 2001, eBSC was designed and engineered to offer the highest of technical standards and as such is amongst the most advanced on the planet. The eBSC was designed to cater to a niche market of offshore hosting customers while maintaining all the same resiliencies found in our larger hosting centers.

Site Security

The eBSC is located within the Cable and Wireless Teleport facility, which is surrounded by a 12-foot barbed wire perimeter fence. All access to the site is through the front entrance, which is manned 24x7 by security personnel. Access to building structures is strictly controlled by the use of swipe cards and PIN codes. Access to the eBSC is strictly limited to authorized personnel only. The eBSC has CCTV cameras installed in all cabinet rows.


Resilient power is of the utmost importance to a successful web hosting or co-location solution. The power systems within the eBSC are built to the highest levels of resilience.

Power is delivered to customer equipment from two fully redundant 400KVa Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Power from the local electricity supplier is delivered to the site via two physically diverse resilient mains. One set enters the site from the North end, the other from the South. This eliminates outages due to roadwork or construction.

In the highly unlikely event of a complete loss of power from the local supplier, we have three 800KVa diesel generators on site. With a 14-day supply of diesel fuel in an underground bunker, the site can run indefinitely under its own power generation with scheduled fuel delivery.


The eBSC utilizes the latest in air handling technologies to provide a state-of-the-art physical environment for your eBusiness equipment. Employing 5 separate down flow air conditioning units (three 30 ton units, two 20 ton units), chilled air will be delivered to the customer cabinets from under the floor, up through the cabinets, and vented out the top. Using this method of delivery, we are able to maintain internal cabinet temperature at 74 degrees Fahrenheit, plus of minus 2 degrees. We are also able to maintain relative humidity to 50% +/- 10%

Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

The eBSC is separated into 7 fire control compartments. The site employs a HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection) system. The HSSD system takes continuous air samples from all the zones within the facility. These samples are filtered, and passed through a high intensity light source to monitor air quality and detect airborne smoke particles.

All technical staff at the Teleport site are trained in the use of fire suppression equipment in the event of the alarm system being activated. The HSSD system will provide a significant window of opportunity to address any potential fire related event before a fire actually occurs. In the event of a fire, the eBSC is equipped with an Argonite fire extinguishing and controlled gas release system. This system can be activated manually, or by the HSSD system if necessary.

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