Technical Specifications

The eVolution platform is designed and built to the highest technical standards. Care has been taken to greatly reduce or eliminate single points of failure throughout the platform.

The platform utilizes Microsoft Clustering and Citrix Server Farm techniques to avoid single points of failure. The platform is also designed to allow for periodic maintenance without interruption to service. This allows technical staff to stay current with patches on the operating systems and applications.

Only mature applications are used on the shared platforms. eVolution, whilst guaranteeing access to the latest versions of all of our shared applications, will not rush an application to production. There is usually a delay of ninety days from the time the product first ships until a major service pack is released. eVolution closely monitors new products for stability and reliability before upgrading the shared platform.


eVolution guarantees performance via an SLA. Our servers are properly scaled to exceed current demand at all times. Since the design is completely modular, additional users can be readily matched with additional servers if required. The server utilize the latest Intel and AMD processors running on HP Servers.

eVolution has many options for security from the most basic to most rigorous. eVolution supports SSL, VPN, Digital Certificates and full end-to-end encryption. In most cases, businesses are actually increasing their security position by migrating to the eVolution platform.

Physical security is also second to none at the C&W eBusiness Hosting Facility in Bermuda. Features include:


Our approach to backups is simple – everything every night – is fully backed up. Tapes are stored securely off site once out of rotation.


Standard commercial antivirus protection is assured by the system wide deployment of Symantec (Norton) Antivirus. All systems are protected real time and are automatically updated with new virus signature files.

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